Healthy & Happy

Ah-choo! Germ season is (or will soon be) upon us. Growing Musicians LLC cares as much as you do about keeping our children safe from the latest viruses and flu. There are many ways we help deter germs from spreading within your child's classroom.

At Growing Musicians, we do the following to keep your child’s classroom Healthy and Happy:

  • Have hand sanitizer readily available for parents/caregivers to safely distribute.
  • Clean instruments before and after each use.
  • Separate mouthed instruments or instruments used by a child who is getting over an illness.
  • Clean doorknobs, light switches, and often-touched areas.
  • Schedule monthly (or more often as needed) rigorous cleaning – where EVERYTHING is disinfected.

How you can help us keep your child's classroom Healthy and Happy:

A good guideline to follow is to be fever-free for 24 hours, and for a nose not to be running with anything other than clear mucus.

It is VERY common for babies and toddlers to have runny noses due to teething. it is VERY hard to distinguish that from being sick. If you feel your baby and/or child are under the weather, please remain home. (If you need to remain home, please remember Kindermusik® digital music, e-books, and more are always available for your family's use outside of class while you are actively enrolled, and you are welcome to contact regarding make-up classes.)