Tips for Parents in Kindermusik®

Suggestions & Tips for Ensuring a Positive Kindermusik® Experience

These suggestions and tips are for parents plus caregivers who bring your child to class -- nannies, grandparents, aunts, etc. are welcome in Kindermusik®!


• Please be on time for class. The first 5-10 minutes is a gathering time, for children to explore, and get comfortable with their surroundings. This also allow everyone to more easily settle down to participate with the Hello Song. This ritual aids in your child’s emotional development & sense of security and self. 


• If life has “gotten in the way” and you are late, don't fret, simply come in quietly and join the class when you & your child are ready. Never skip class because you are late. 


• Kindermusik® provides a special opportunity for bonding. While in class, BE WITH your child; take advantage of the safe, carefree environment to fully focus your attention on them. 


• A child needs to feel safe & secure before they will try something new. There is no need to force participation.


• Be careful not to compare your child to another. They all respond in their own special & wonderfully unique ways. As long as it is safe, "FOLLOW THAT CHILD!" 


• Allow your child time to respond to the educator’s instruction without repeating the instruction yourself.


• Try dancing without talking (unless labeling your movement ^^). It’s more beneficial for your child to focus completely on the feel of the movement & the magic of the music.


• Look for the little signs that your child is engaged in an activity, including eye contact, body posture & a musical response in their movements.


• Be an engaging model for your child - Sing, echo, dance & move enthusiastically. Having fun is contagious. 


• Label your child's efforts. "I see you are shaking your egg!" is just the right encouragement they need to feel accomplished. 


• Follow your child. Meet them where they’re at developmentally to get the most from the activities. Don’t feel you have to do everything like everyone else. If your child needs to learn on the move (typical for young toddlers), move with your child!


• Should your child become truly disruptive, don't dismay, it happens to all of us from time to time, gently remove them for a brief time-out from the main class area if you feel it necessary. Once your child is calm, try to rejoin the group. 


• What happens between classes musically is just as important as what your child does (or does not do) in class. Make time to share music at home and on the go. The fabulous Kindermusik® Online digital home materials, especially the music, will allow you to do so.


• If you ever have a concern, please don’t hesitate to discuss it with the educator. Optimal learning occurs with a triangular relationship between child, educator & parent.


• Remember to have FUN!