Which Class is Right for My Child?

The Kindermusik® philosophy springs from genuine respect for each child’s individual rate of development. Class activities and digital library's corresponding music, e-books, and more are designed to honor, support, and celebrate the wonderful uniqueness of each child. Classes have overlapping age ranges to help parents accommodate their child’s own needs.

The suggested ages for Kindermusik® curricula are as follows:

Foundations: Newborns to Walkers

Level 1: 1s and 2s

Level 2: 2s and 3s

Level 3: 3s and 4s

Mixed-Age: Newborns-5s


Before discussing your child's placement, carefully consider the following:

  • Which of these levels will my child thrive in, rather than just being able to get along in?
  • Am I considering my child’s pleasure and emotional development as much as their cognitive development?
  • Is my child eager for added independence and challenges, or are they most delighted by sharing special time with me to help guide and support them?
Growing Musicians works with parents to find the Kindermusik® class that best-suits their child, and is happy to discuss class placement with parents at anytime. Questions? Please email us at GrowingMusiciansLLC@gmail.com.